In these challenging times

Could it get any worse for Landlords

I was wrong

Many people have looked at this website - but not enough are prepared to pay for this legal document to make it worthwhile maintaining it. I have returned to working exclusively on my online swift lease system. Contact me if you are interested in using it.

A Legal Agreement will

Professionally document your arrangement

Change your lease in a safe way

Prove your legal compliance

Avoid arguments & false claims

Does the Mandatory Code of Conduct apply to you?

In 9 out of 10 leases you must comply.

We have a short test for your State.

Avoid mistakes

Code compliance is not enough. You can't change a lease and ignore all the Law that is wrapped around every lease all the time.


See our list of risks

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Just follow these steps

Answer the interview

Pay by card or your firm account

Print and sign


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About me

I have over 30 years experience as a Commercial Lawyer and have written thousands of leases. I have been automating legal documents for almost as long.

My firm Minotaur Law delivers online legal services using Legal Origami